Pagination and Summarising

Do you have complex medical records and cases files that need to be organised and paginatined?

In addition to providing Expert Medical Reports, MCNA also offers a Paginating and Summarising service in relation to complex medical records and associated reports and documentation.

  • We sort, order and paginate all the documentation that you send to us.
  • We provide a detailed chronology of the important and significant events involved as well as a clear overall summary of the case.

Regardless of how complicated the case may be or the amount or complexity of the documentation involved, you will receive back from us an ordered, paginated, chronicled and summarised set of documents. The chronology and summary will give you a clear and concise record of the information contained within the documentation that you send to us.  An example of what an Index and Summary look like can be found here Redacted Index and Redacted Case Summary.

  • Our turnaround time is normally less than ten working days.
  • Our price is normally £300 ex. VAT per case (provided that the quantity of documentation is not unduly excessive – if it is then we will contact you promptly with a quotation before proceeding).

We can examine in detail any aspect of a case that may be of particular importance to you and we can arrange for an independent report by an expert if you need this. We have an extensive network of medical experts who provide independent reports on the standard of care involved in these cases and we would be very pleased to provide a quotation for the cost of a report if needed.

Should you be interested in this service we offer, please send all relevant the documentation to:

Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd,
Kent Innovation Centre
Millennium Way
CT10 2QQ

Please contact us by email or by telephone 0044 (0)1843 609 616 with any enquiries; we will be pleased to provide you with any further information or details that you might need on the services we provide.